The road to success is paved with virtual tours

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a virtual tour is worth 10 000. Virtual tours are virtual simulations of existing locations, consisting of a sequence of multiple panoramic photos. At Numen, we connect those photos into a 360-degree panorama. They are designed in a way that allows your customers access from any device.

As we spend more time online, people are becoming increasingly visual in type. The visual content of your business is more important now than ever before. Research shows that most users spend less than a minute on a website. If you do not catch their attention in this time span, you can lose customers quickly. Virtual tours keep visitors on your website longer. They also make interaction with your goods and services easier. Aside from attracting new customers, virtual tours allow users to see what your company offers. This makes it easy to connect with users and reach your target audience even without physical contact.

360-services and virtual tours Numen offers have multiple benefits for your company. Especially in times of limited physical contact, virtual tours can be of crucial importance for success. They are available 24/7, increasing your outreach significantly. Customers are no longer depending on your location and opening hours to familiarize themselves with what you offer. Research by WAV Group shows that websites with virtual tours receive more clicks. 2D pictures are not enough anymore. Customers are more likely to return to websites with interactive content.

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