What do customers expect from your online presence?

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Although it doesn’t sound appealing, sticky content is a crucial element of each website! Sticky content includes different elements: fromsocial media sharing buttons to content that will retain visitors. 360-degree panoramas, virtual tours and virtual walks are not just fashion fads, but a kind of sticky content. Designed to catch attention, they retain visitors on the website and increase the interaction with your business.

Research, done by Numen in four language (Slovene, English, Spanish and German), and which included individuals from all over the world, shows that up to 65 % of potentian customers expect a virtual tour on your website.What is more, a virtual walk makes their decision when choosing a travel destination easier (85 % of participants). Most of the participants would use the virtual tour to see restaurants, hotel rooms, the reception, the pool, the gym and the view. You can read more on our Facebook, where we regularly post tips on how to stay visible online.

But this is not all! Data shows that visitors stay 5 – 10x longer on websites with a virtual tour. Goods and services on websites with a 360-degree visualisation are 27 % more likely to sell. Today, 97 % of people use the internet when making decisions, searching with keywords and browsers. Businesses that offer virtual panoramas are higher onGoogle search results and are featured on Google Business. We can also integrate your panoramas intoGoogle Street View.

If you also want to stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of your site, we are always available for more information via e-mail (davor.majc@numen.si). For always staying on top of new trends, follow us on Instagram!

The road to success is paved with virtual tours

virtual tours Numen

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a virtual tour is worth 10 000. Virtual tours are virtual simulations of existing locations, consisting of a sequence of multiple panoramic photos. At Numen, we connect those photos into a 360-degree panorama. They are designed in a way that allows your customers access from any device.

As we spend more time online, people are becoming increasingly visual in type. The visual content of your business is more important now than ever before. Research shows that most users spend less than a minute on a website. If you do not catch their attention in this time span, you can lose customers quickly. Virtual tours keep visitors on your website longer. They also make interaction with your goods and services easier. Aside from attracting new customers, virtual tours allow users to see what your company offers. This makes it easy to connect with users and reach your target audience even without physical contact.

360-services and virtual tours Numen offers have multiple benefits for your company. Especially in times of limited physical contact, virtual tours can be of crucial importance for success. They are available 24/7, increasing your outreach significantly. Customers are no longer depending on your location and opening hours to familiarize themselves with what you offer. Research by WAV Group shows that websites with virtual tours receive more clicks. 2D pictures are not enough anymore. Customers are more likely to return to websites with interactive content.

If you also want to stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of your site, we are always available for more information via e-mail (davor.majc@numen.si).

How to use SEO for business success?

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Website optimization is a way to improve the quality and quantity of your website visits through spontaneous browser results. This is exactly what makes it different from website marketing, which tries to increase traffic through spontaneous and paid search results optimization. By optimizing your website, you can design your online presence so that your website is at the top of the results when searching for keywords related to your business. This will help you gain more visitors and potential new customers.


The optimization process can be time consuming, but it is extremely important for companies today as it contributes to their visibility and competitiveness. The key elements of website optimization are the look of the website (UI and UX design), the content and the keywords that relate to the operation of your business. Namely, browsers use crawlers (web spiders) that crawl across the integrated internet and collect information about websites. They communicate this information to the browser, creating a list of results, which the algorithm then adjusts to your search. So if you are looking for the words “Hotel in Slovenia,” web spiders will browse web pages with these words, create a list of all results, and the algorithm will adjust it so that the most suitable results are on the top (hotel pages) and less relevant results are on the bottom (news about hotels in Slovenia). How high on the list your page is depends on the content – the more words it contains in connection with the search (Hotel in Slovenia), the higher it will be.


Although web optimization for companies can be a long process, at Numen we offer you help and professional website optimization. This allows us to help your business with:

  • More website visits – spontaneous clicks represent the largest share of website visitors. With a well-done website optimization (SEO), you ensure that you are at the top of the search results, thus increasing traffic.
  • Building trust – Pages that are not at the top of search results enjoy less trust and traffic. At the same time, the layout of your website is crucial, as it also contributes to optimization. A website that contains well-placed technical elements and connects them with a beautiful design will land in the top of the search results. Thus one builds not only the trust of customers and visitors but also the trust of the browser.
  • Good user experience – a well-designed and technically honed website means not only a higher position and more visits, but also a better user experience that you visit. At Numen, we monitor your visit to your website and advise you on decisions for the future of your online presence. We adapt the website to your target audience, thus ensuring a quality user experience and satisfied visitors who will like to return to your website.


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Guided tour application development

Guided tour application development

Hello! At Numen, we are currently developing a mobile application that would allow tour guides to guide tours without additional equipment, such as transmitters, receivers, microphones, etc. Since most people nowadays already travel with cell phones and headphones on hand, guides and agencies can use this to their advantage. The participants of the tour would follow the guide through the application, and the application will also enable translations into various languages. This way, we want to facilitate the work of guides and visitors, while saving the cost of maintaining equipment for agencies. In order to better understand the market and the needs of tourist guides and agencies, we prepared a short survey. Answering will take you 1-2 minutes, and we thank you in advance for your answers.