What do customers expect from your online presence?

Although it doesn’t sound appealing, sticky content is a crucial element of each website! Sticky content includes different elements: fromsocial media sharing buttons to content that will retain visitors. 360-degree panoramas, virtual tours and virtual walks are not just fashion fads, but a kind of sticky content. Designed to catch attention, they retain visitors on the website and increase the interaction with your business.

Research, done by Numen in four language (Slovene, English, Spanish and German), and which included individuals from all over the world, shows that up to 65 % of potentian customers expect a virtual tour on your website.What is more, a virtual walk makes their decision when choosing a travel destination easier (85 % of participants). Most of the participants would use the virtual tour to see restaurants, hotel rooms, the reception, the pool, the gym and the view. You can read more on our Facebook, where we regularly post tips on how to stay visible online.

But this is not all! Data shows that visitors stay 5 – 10x longer on websites with a virtual tour. Goods and services on websites with a 360-degree visualisation are 27 % more likely to sell. Today, 97 % of people use the internet when making decisions, searching with keywords and browsers. Businesses that offer virtual panoramas are higher onGoogle search results and are featured on Google Business. We can also integrate your panoramas intoGoogle Street View.

If you also want to stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of your site, we are always available for more information via e-mail (davor.majc@numen.si). For always staying on top of new trends, follow us on Instagram!